How did it all start...

Hi My names Morgan and I own Bakeaholics! Not on my own anymore… if you’ve been here since the beginning you will remember the lockdown markets, baking from my garage and so much more! 

Fast forward to 2023 I have an amazing team around me, a fully commercial baking unit, a shop in Attleborough and a new pop up location in Norwich! 

How did it all begin? 

Well I’ve always had a massive passion and LOVE for all things sweet and cake! From a young age I used to do all the packet mix cakes with my mum and then as I grew up I started to bake more and more, so much so one Christmas I asked for a kitchen aid! (I still to this day have this kitchen aid along side 9 others) 

I kept baking for friends and family and continued to do so throughout college, I then decided to go to markets in West Suffolk and I also started selling cakes out the boot of my car in my highschool carpark (well I did until they stopped me… oops!!) 

From this Bakeaholics started! I had help from my amazing parents who helped me to build a little kitchen in our garage, which I think was to stop me from making so much mess in the house! 

Then LOCKDOWN hit! My parents were out of work and my sister was of school, so what else was there to do other than BAKE! And that’s exactly what we did, we launched a hand delivered service. In the first week we dropped 15 boxes and I am not good at geography so had us going from Ipswich to mildenhall and everywhere in between which I didn’t charge for fuel 😅 so we were infact… at a loss! This is where my amazing mum stepped in with her math brain and helped me! We then with the help of social media kept delivering and delivered nearly 200 boxes a week! We covered NR postcodes and IP! 

From this we were then approached by the amazing Morley Village hall who hosted our first pop up; which went from strength to strength until the police had to stop them as so many people turned up we were causing a gathering … another oooppppss!!

Then from that I found our amazing first shop in Attleborough,and decided now was the right time to finally officially open our first HQ! The Bakeaholics PINK PALACE! On the 1st of April 2021 we opened… And we had the Biggest queue, it was the best and most emotional day ever. 

Our amazing Attleborough shop is open every Friday-Sunday and stocks all our delicious baked goodies! From our shop we also sell amazing coffee, milkshakes and frappes (if I do say so myself!) 

Our Attleborough HQ is also the base of our super popular hot dessert night, these are our own baked puds with a little Bakeaholics twist! We currently do these roughly once a month so look out on our social media for the next one! You definitely don’t want to miss it! 

We soon quickly outgrew our little kitchen and home and found ourselves taking on which is now our HQ! The Bakeaholics bakery, where we bake all our goods! This then lead to us needing to expand our little team of two, we now have an amazing team around us in our shops and in the bakery! 

The dream team I like to call it … 

We then continued to do all the markets and Christmas events (once covid allowed!) and carried on!

We then started doing pop ups in Norwich at the Forum and Chantry Place.

My dream has always been to have a pink cafe in Norwich or as I like to call them, the pink palace! So this for me, the best way to move towards that! 

We were so busy in Norwich we had been approached by Chantry Place if we would like to have a permanent pop up… and of course… I couldn’t say no! As this wasn’t a shop we had to begin to turn the pink palace into a mobile permanent pop up! 

Who was better to ask than my Dad! He has built me the most amazing Pink Norwich store! It may not have a roof yet or a door, but it is ours 💓

This has honestly been a whirlwind and a half, life has changed for the better! I now have 3 amazing locations, an amazing team around me and my amazing family and friends who help all the time,

This is only the beginning and the pink palace is coming… I promise 💓

Thank you for reading my waffle! 

Lots of love,

Morgan xox