Norfolk Festive Food & Drink 2023

Well where do we begin! 

I think that was our third year maybe even fourth year at the Norfolk Festive and its always an unforgettable one! 

We were in our “usual” pitch! And I loved it, however it wasn’t all plain sailing.

On Thursday night my boyfriend went to set up the stand whilst me and the girls baked away whilst dancing and singing to Disney classics or Justin Bieber, if it was my way it would be Justin Bieber every day!! 

Of he went to set up my beautiful pink and wooden display, then I get the dreaded phone call. ( I always know if he rings me that there is an issue) 

We were too late, my fault I know but I sent him off about 4.35 ish, cant be precise but I think it was and… THEY LOCK UP AT 5!! 

The stress that went through me was unreal. Because we always have to leave early on a Friday because we also had the shop open and Chantry place. Oh and to add the gates didn’t open until 7am!!!

So off we went, my boyfriend in his car, me in the big van and mum in the little one in a convoy all the way to the Norfolk Showground! 

Lets just say set up against the time can cause a few short words….oppss!! 

But we did it, I was all set up and ready to rock and roll for one day, Mum was ready in Chantry Place and the shop was open… PHEW!!

I spent the first day serving with a newbie, well new to the bakery but not too me, my life long best friend Becca helped me! 

Even though Friday is usually the quieter day we had lots of giggles! Friday was a good day, however nothing compared to Saturday & Sunday but I will get to that…

After we finished Friday I packed away and then sent off to Chantry Place to help pack Hannah away as my amazing mum left to head back to the bakery to bake away ready for the weekend. BUT! Yes there’s another BUT!! With the traffic it took me an hour and 5 minutes to get to Chantry! I mean who doesn’t love Friday night traffic. When I got to Hannah she had been nearly wiped clean in Norwich. Fridays are lovely and I am missing my Fridays with Hannah whilst I am at the Christmas Events 🙁

I then headed back to the Bakery for the Friday night late shift, this wasn’t actually all bad, as my boyfriend and Sister AJ brought us a McDonalds and we finished about 11.30pm so thats an early one! People always ask us about out long days, but I love it, I feel that November and December are the craziest but the best months. I love being busy and I love seeing everyone with our cakes. Its more than a surreal feeling! 

Saturday came and it was SHOW TIME!! All 3 locations back open again and in the wise words of Tik Tok… BOSH!!!

I was in Norwich with ⅓ Chloe’s that work with us at Bakeaholics. Shall we say the loud one, but in a good way! I always know when I am at work with crazy Chloe its going to be a good day and that is what it was indeed! 

We also had another NEW helper! You might have seen him around, if you go to the gym or Mantra! Our new male server… MATT!! Matt is my boyfriend’s best friend and mine and mum’s Personal trainer! 

People always say how do you serve cake and be so slim.. Matt, Matt is the answer! 

He was like a duck to water, so natural and we all had such a fun day! 

Saturday was a crazy day! 

It started off with me doing an impulse buy and upsetting mum by buying the new company mascot… MY GONK!!

If you haven’t seen the gunk then you’re missing out, IT IS 5 FOOT! And I am 4 foot 7.8 so you can only imagine how funny it was! 

I saw it on Friday but mum told me not to buy it… SO I DID!! If anyone is young reading this, if it doesn’t hurt anyone or you wont end up in prison … RULES ARE MADE FOR BREAKING xx

With only a slate full of cake to take home we headed to deliver an amazing tiered cake for a brilliant customer of ours, and as we had to deliver it to Dunston Hall it was only right we had a celebratory drink for a busy day! 

Oh and not to forget Chantry place was busy and the shop too (Still pinch myself to say 3 locations are busy! Dreams really do come true!)

Now Sunday.. FINAL COUNTDOWN! As I like to call it, however pack down day, as much as I love the shows I do not enjoy packing down lol!!

It was me, Mum and Macie! The triple M! And now when I say Saturday was crazy… SUNDAY!! SUNDAY WAS A MADNESS.

It was so busy we ran out of our famous pink boxes, I had to drive to Chantry (which was also open) Just to steal some boxes! Sunday was a sell out and was such a lovely end to what always is an amazing Norfolk Festive! 

So all in all, a little wrap up… Beside selling cakes I also spent all my time at the amazing Ma’s Delights stealing all her bon bons! Thank you girls for feeding me and making me laugh, then annoying our favourites over at Totally Engraved! Just a tip: friends that come from work are always the best friends!

SO yes, Thank you aztec, thank you to all our amazing customers and followers! 

That is my first blog post, and if you got to the end of all my waffle, spelling mistakes and bad grammar…


Love always,

Morgan xx

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